The ONLY total cryptocurrency SECURITY SOLUTION

Token and transactional SECURITY and SCALABILITY

UNPRECEDENTED Wallet and Exchange Security

ICO Round 3 closes in:

1ETH = 4875 SECURE Until August 10

  • ICO Round 3 1 ETH = 4875 SECURE June 15 - August 10
  • CS STORE US$0.25 per SECURE token August 11 forward
1 ETH = 4875 SECURE Soft Cap = 2000 ETH
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Cryptocurrency Theft – Rampant and must be stopped
Scalability – Is essential for cryptocurrencies
Commercialization – Through utility and Traditional market integration

CryptoSecure provides THE SOLUTION


→ THEFT + Not secure + No trust

Without token and transactional security - there will NEVER be trust in cryptocurrencies; industry growth and the potential of cryptocurrencies will not materialize. Hacking has already delivered billions of dollars to cybercriminals and continues unabated. It MUST be eliminated. Tokens, wallets, and exchanges need to provide absolute security assurance for all users.


Cryptocurrencies need to be scalable to global commercial standards at least. Numerous parties and projects are targeting scalability resolution including PayPal which recently filed for a patent to expedite virtual currency transactions, and many crypto projects such as: OmiseGo, Acinq, Cypherium, Thunder Token, Lightning Network, Lightning Labs, and TIM which are all promising scalability solutions.

→ commercialization

Aside from resolving Security and Scalability issues, solutions need to have commercial application and utility. Secure wallets, scalability projects, payment projects, and other patch solutions are futile if not commercially integrated and ultimately of use value to a mass market.



The CryptoSecure Platform and products unprecedented ASSURANCE of SECURITY.

The Platform is a world-first unique solution designed specifically to resolve the security, scalability, and commercialization issues of cryptocurrencies as well as for integration into the fiat and traditional commerce market. The Platform comprises leading-edge, and potentially patentable and proprietary technologies that provide for the total system security within which the CryptoSecure Wallets, the CryptoSecure Exchange, and all transactions to be SECURED and ASSURED. Any Platform participant tokens that are stolen are restored.

Additionally, the Distributed Ledger based CryptoSecure Wallet and attaching Debit Card provide users anywhere with the world’s most economical way – FREE – to transfer or remit funds (or cryptocurrencies) anywhere – local or international. All users will also receive significant benefits just for having the Wallet/Card such as FREE life insurance and much more. The CryptoSecure Wallet/Card will challenge PayPal, Western Union and others in the global remittances market as well as opportunities in the broader card issuer market.

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    Get Your Wallet NOW

    The CryptoSecure Wallet and attaching debit card provides for real-time settlements, payments, ATM cash withdrawals, FREE remittances and transfers of multi-currencies including cryptocurrencies worldwide. The Wallet and debit card are ultra-secure, regulatory compliant and integrated throughout the global retail market and ATM network. The CryptoSecure multi-asset Wallet uses simple single sign-on that seamlessly incorporates 3-Factor Authentication. No more worries about lost or forgotten private keys, multiple wallets and addresses, multiple logins, phishing, or identity theft.

    The CryptoSecure Wallet is back-boned through partnering with preCharge, an industry-proven trusted e-wallet service provider with multi-billions of dollars of transactions since 2003. Having incorporated Distributed Ledger technology from 2007, with progressive technology improvement, and further adapted by CryptoSecure, the Platform can process 1,000s of transactions per second (compared to Bitcoin 5 per second) including INSTANT transfers of Bitcoin , altcoins, fiat currencies, and retail transactions.

    The CryptoSecure Wallet and Card can be used for purchases anywhere, online or at any stores including major retailers such as:

    IN SUMMARY – The CryptoSecure next-gen Wallets and Cards provide for - blitz-speed real-time fiat and cryptocurrency trading - transfers and settlements – ATM use globally - online or retail purchases anywhere – transactional access to the CryptoSecure Exchange - at zero to minimal transactional costs.

    While others are trying to build it – CryptoSecure is launching it.


    – AVAILABLE BY Q3 2018

    All CryptoSecure Wallet holders will receive an attaching Debit Card which can be used anywhere for online or retail purchases, at ATMs worldwide, as well as having the following added benefits:

    Card CryptoSecure Red CryptoSecure Gold CryptoSecure Black
    Required Minimum Balance $100.00 $10,000 $100,000
    Added Benefits
    Fees Super Low Super Low Super Low
    Remittances to Wallets Free Free Free
    Transfers to Wallets Free Free Free
    Cash Back - 1% on Purchases 2% on Purchases
    Daily Spend Limit $1,000.00 $2,000.00 $3,000.00
    ATM Withdrawal Limit $300.00 $1,000.00 $10,000.00
    Car Rental Insurance Free Free Free
    Free Life Insurance $10,000 $100,000 $1,000,000
    Lost Luggage Reimbursement Up to $500 Up to $1,000 Up to $3,000
    Concierge Service 8/5 Weekdays 8/5 Weekdays 24/7 Every Day
    Discounts On Select Purchases 5% on Select Purchases Up to 20% on Select Purchases
    Other Much More Much More Much More


    - AVAILABLE Q1 2019

    With CryptoSecure Platform advanced security technologies and incorporating the CryptoSecure multi-token and currencies Wallets, the Exchange will provide secure and trusted real-time transactions that will not be compromised, as any stolen tokens are rendered worthless and replaced. Hacking will be futile on the CryptoSecure Exchange, but more importantly, hackers will be caught and prosecuted.


CryptoSecure Platform graf

CryptoSecure Platform

The market is massive. There is no known competitor with a near-term security, scalability, and commercial utility solution for the cryptocurrency market, that additionally has a major competitive advantage for use in the traditional fiat market.

Through integration with traditional markets, the CryptoSecure Wallets and Cards provide significant advantages to payment services such as PayPal, Western Union and others, as worldwide transfers and remittances between Wallets are FREE and INSTANT.

With hacking and theft rampant and continuing unabated in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets, the CryptoSecure Wallet and Card provide advanced protection against Identity Theft and Currency Theft. The technologies being deployed through the CryptoSecure Platform and its licensed and/or partnered products have been developed over an extensive period at a multi-million-dollar cost and have been highly successful and proven in the traditional market for well over ten years.

Most importantly, the CryptoSecure core Wallet technology established in 2003 is globally tried and trusted, has never been hacked, and continues to securely settle many billions of dollars of retail transactions. Further securing CryptoSecure servers, data centers, and the CryptoSecure Exchange through addition of Jentu Technologies security provides another level of security and protection for users and account assets. The Jentu Technologies software being used to additionally protect CryptoSecure servers and data centers provides for instant mitigation of ransomware, viruses, trojans, botnets, and other malware. Jentu’s airtight infrastructure security software addresses all 20 of the 20 SANS Critical Security Controls and offers 20x network acceleration over other competitors, and can provide 10,000x increased performance and reduced latency with unlimited scalability and record-breaking stability/reliability.

The resultant capability to deliver and integrate proven and trusted transactional security to the cryptocurrency and fiat integrated market, places CryptoSecure in the unique position for rapid establishment as an industry market leader.

The potential for the CryptoSecure Wallets, Cards, and Exchange to fully integrate cryptocurrency transactions with well-established financial market and retail relationships and opportunities - and at zero to super-cheap rates - is unlimited within a US$30 trillion annual debit/credit card market.



CryptoSecure SECURE tokens are Ethereum ERC20 standard software accounting units (smart contracts) having utility as a cryptocurrency that will be able to be traded on exchanges and used to purchase goods and services.

SECURE tokens are importantly the utility coin of the CryptoSecure economy Platform that is required to be used when purchasing CryptoSecure products, services, and/or licenses, including transactional fees for using the CryptoSecure Wallets and Exchange, where applicable.


The market for the CryptoSecure Platform Wallets, Cards, and Exchange is the entire growing cryptocurrency community, as well as users in the traditional marketplace. Any party that has an interest in securely participating in cryptocurrencies or wanting a more efficient and less costly traditional electronic wallet or debit card can participate and enjoy the many benefits.

CryptoSecure is not aware of any competing platform solution matching that of CryptoSecure’s and is therefore confident of the realization for SECURE tokens as a significant cryptocurrency.

Demand for the SECURE tokens will be driven by:

  1. Supply and demand
  2. SECURE tokens used as payment for CryptoSecure products and services
  3. Increasing use of SECURE token, as adoption and further levels of security, trust, additional products, and services are developed and released to the market

Limited Availability

ICO Round 3

1 ETH = 4875 SECURE June 15 – August 10


As secure as it is made out to be, the blockchain is not without its risks. Users, sites, exchanges, and companies are frequently targeted by cyber criminals and have their digital assets stolen. ‘Crypto-heists’ are at an all-time high with well over $1 billion stolen in the past 12 months alone and a further estimated US$350 million stolen through hacking of small account users. Security breaches at cryptocurrency exchanges and subsequent thefts highlight yet another risk of investing in cryptocurrencies.

The CryptoSecure Platform and products protect your cryptocurrencies:


CryptoSecure Wallets are to be INSURED. Any party that has their cryptocurrency tokens stolen where the tokens are listed or traded through the CryptoSecure Exchange will have their stolen tokens replaced.

Ongoing Development and Updates

CryptoSecure’s Platform and products will continue to improve through addition of proprietary and potentially patentable technology enhancements.

How it works

The CryptoSecure wallets operation and security is based on secure proven Proof-of-Identity and Proof-of-Authority process that has been successfully used in the marketplace for over 10 years and securing many billions of dollars in transactions over that time.

Each user through their email address is a validating Node and transactions are verified and validated as legitimate through Proof-of-Identity and Proof-of-Authority mathematical process that flows as:

Unique IDa unique 32-digit is assigned to the transaction by the wallet
Previous Transaction IDthis is the individual Wallet's last Unique ID
Versionthe CryptoSecure Blockchain Version Number
Merkle Rootthis is the root hash of the transaction
Fromthe sender's Skein wallet value
Tothe receiver's Skein wallet value
Transactionsthe total amount of the transaction, all the way down to 0.000001
NodeThe Node IPv4 or IPv6 address, aka wallet that sent the Transaction
Datebeing a Unix time stamp, so no need to worry about time zones

As each new user comes onto the network, their respective transactions are processed through off-chain Distributed Ledgers, up to at least 100 chain confirmations. As transactions are validated, each node broadcasts the validated transactions to other connected nodes until both sides of a transaction has at least 100 confirmations.

Additionally, by having the CryptoSecure servers and data centers secured through Jentu Technologies proven security software, all data and transactions are managed by servers that deliver mirrored images to the internet connected endpoints (computers) that don't have hard drives. No hard drives results in - NOWHERE FOR HACKERS TO HACK.

The CryptoSecure Exchange, as well as utilizing the CryptoSecure Wallets and being blockchain accounted, will also use a permissioned ledger interface that acts as the cryptocurrency Proof-of-Stake validation and additional authorization for all Exchange transactions. Operating seamlessly this interface assures that transactions are between trusted parties with CryptoSecure Wallets, as well as identifying and validating the smart contract cryptocurrencies being transacted on the CryptoSecure Exchange. This safeguard provides for all transaction authority and validation as well as tracking where ever required.

Tokens using the CryptoSecure Platform will only be able to be traded between trusted parties having CryptoSecure Wallets, thereby assuring identity and authority compliance. It is important however to recognize that no client information is openly shared with, or provided to any regulator, or third party, except through formal demand from authorities that may be investigating serious illicit activities such as arms dealing, drug running, terrorism, slavery, or similar. Basically, issues concerning AML/CTP activities. Any parties involved in any of these types of activities are discouraged from participating in any CryptoSecure products or tokens.

Should any tokens be stolen from any Wallet of any participant using the CryptoSecure Exchange, then the stolen tokens will immediately be voided on the off-chain control ledger and the respective blockchain and then be subject to replacement.

In summary, with the CryptoSecure Platform token Proof-of-Stake measures in place along with the Proof-of-Identity and Proof-of-Authority process, within an ultra-secure Jentu Technologies enhanced environment, the hacking of cryptocurrency tokens is near impossible. Most importantly, the hacking of any tokens becomes futile as any stolen tokens are immediately rendered valueless and useless and will be unable to be legitimately transferred or used. Furthermore, through the CryptoSecure CyberTrack process, they are trackable, and hackers will be identified and prosecuted.

The CryptoSecure target market and potential is massive and comprises parties that:

  • Trade cryptocurrencies
  • Remit payments to other country recipients
  • Pay for products or services anywhere – in fiat or cryptocurrency
  • Wish to use ATMs to withdraw cash
  • Benefit by having a multi-asset wallet/card for use worldwide
  • Participate in ICOs
  • Hold cryptocurrency wallets
  • Issue cryptocurrency wallets
  • Transact cryptocurrencies
  • Issue cryptocurrencies, especially ICOs
  • Hold cryptocurrency accounts

Over the past three years issued cryptocurrency wallets have grown well over 10-fold to around an estimated 40 million today, whereas there are well over a billion accounts in the equity (share) and securities markets.

The growth potential for increased participation in the cryptocurrency market is exponential and could easily grow at least 10-fold again over the next three to five years to over 400 million wallets. CryptoSecure targets a conservative 5% to 10% of the market over this period.

The e-wallet (including credit and debit cards) market is over 20 billion cards currently issued that have total gross annual purchases, advances, and remittances of over US$30 trillion. The Cryptocurrency Wallets and Cards being multi-functional, including cryptocurrency applications, and being massively cheaper to use, can introduce further major market potential, especially within the financial services market sector.

Our Partners

To ensure CryptoSecure’s cutting-edge functionality and guarantee its continued development and improvement of existing features, we have partnered with operating proven and trusted business partners and reputable IT, security, and blockchain developers, including:

ICO Breakdown

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  • CryptoSecure Logo


    CryptoSecure introduces breakthrough cryptocurrency industry platform security, scalability, and commercial solutions.

  • CryptoSecure Logo


    CryptoSecure Wallets/Cards can be used worldwide for any real-time purchases, funds transfers or remittances in multiple currencies including cryptocurrency.

  • CryptoSecure Logo

    CRYPTOSECURE DEBIT CARDAvailable by Q3, 2018

    A Wallet integrated Card that can be used globally.

  • CryptoSecure Logo


    A proprietary sophisticated transactional tracking layer that provides instant alerts regarding any unauthorized token data changes and/or transaction attempts.

  • CryptoSecure Logo


    The CryptoSecure enabled exchange will provide for a level of seamless end-to-end security unmatched within the cryptocurrency markets. Any participants that have their tokens stolen through any hacking event will have them replaced.

  • CryptoSecure Logo


    An ultra-secure 3FA multi-asset single sign-on Wallet providing for real-time settlements of cryptocurrencies, purchases, transfers, and other transactions worldwide.

  • CryptoSecure Logo


  • CryptoSecure Logo


    CryptoSecure has agreement with several Exchanges for the listing of its SECURE Cryptocurrency, subject to completion of the ICO.

  • CryptoSecure Logo


    The CryptoSecure Platform provides for hacked cryptocurrencies to be voided and replaced – An industry-first breakthrough


  • Darcy Johnston
    Darcy Johnston

    Darcy Johnston is a co-founder of a major Crypto Investor joint venture. He coordinates and oversees Crypto Investor Inc administration and relationship management. Additionally, Darcy serves as the CryptoSecure Project Manager leading product development with the project licensors and partners. He further oversees product marketing across social media and other public relations related initiatives. He is a proven marketing executive having strong IT skills and a conviction for the future of cryptocurrencies and industry applications for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and crypto-security.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee

    Ryan has over 12 years of extensive experience in the regulated financial services industry. He has led investment initiatives, spoken at numerous seminars, and mentored other professionals. Ryan particularly excels with business development and has successfully commercialized and assisted in bringing many projects to market. Ryan has excellent relationship management skills and his ability to listen, adapt and apply the issues of all stakeholders, makes him a successful and vital team member. Ryan serves as the support Project Manager for CryptoSecure and will also lead institutional introduction and participation and co-ordinate relationships within the Crypto Investor Inc economies.

  • Evgeny Rozhnov
    Evgeny Rozhnov
    Lead Technical Advisor

    Evgeny Rozhnov is the Crypto Investor Inc and CryptoSecure Lead Technical Advisor. Evgeny excels at managing distributed project teams optimizing costs and working with some of the best of talent across the world. He has managed and overseen numerous projects throughout Europe, and in USA, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Brazil, with a number being multi-jurisdictional developments. Significant major projects include managing the T-mobile Software Development Center of 130 developers working on large complex projects accruing over 120 man-years of development effort. He led the turnkey construction of Russia’s largest data center for linxdatacenter winning the Datacenter Dynamic award for Innovation in Mega Datacenters in 2011 joining previous winners of the prestigious award including Barclays, Microsoft, and Fujitsu. Evgeny provides and manages all CryptoSecure programming for the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform and for all development integration with CryptoSecure Licensors and partners as well as any other CryptoSecure IT needs.

  • Larry Cameron
    Larry Cameron
    Security Specialist and Advisor

    Larry commenced his career with Electronic Data Systems working on major contracts for companies including MCI/Worldcom, Hewlett Packard, and Bank of America. He worked with Canada Games in Nova Scotia, and then with Research in Motion throughout Canada, and in Singapore and Australia. Larry is the Founder / CTO for Quantus Technical Solutions and the Co-Founder / CISO for Jentu Technologies Inc. Jentu / Quantus currently provide the first global security solution to assess 20/20 SANS Critical Security Controls. At CryptoSecure Larry provides consulting and advisory services working closely with management in the development of the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform, especially focusing on integrative relationships and Platform Security.

  • Brian Golter
    Brian Golter
    IT Management

    Brian Golter, BSc, will provide CryptoSecure with IT and management support for product development and operations. He is highly qualified and recently retired from the US Air Force where he led Software Operations for the $20 billion Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS). JSTARS provided daily software intelligence and cryptographic updates to 17 aircraft systems globally supporting over 3,200 combat flights. Brian also led eight major software updates during the second Gulf War, and in recent years, he was JSTARS Software Division Chief overseeing the JSTARS program, operations, software enhancement, testing and implementation, database management and software configuration and control.

  • Christopher Nichols
    Christopher Nichols
    Senior Development Advisor

    Christopher Nichols is the President and CEO of Key Capital Corporation. In past projects he has led the development of a patented random generated one-time pad crypto-key validated and tracked transaction solution built on Sun Microsystem’s Trusted Solaris platform. Christopher and select Key Capital appointed consultants will co-lead and support the on-going development and enhancement of all CryptoSecure security technologies in conjunction with BankVault. Key Capital has granted CryptoSecure exclusive licenses to all of its proprietary, and/or patented technologies, from as they are developed for the specific application and use in securing cryptocurrencies, private keys, and trading, as well as for any other blockchain applications.

Main operational relationships

The following parties support the CryptoSecure SECURE coin economy operations.

  • Crypto Investor, Inc. – Service Operator, Administrator and CryproSecure Incubator

    The Service Operator provides the means to effectively manage and materialize any actions required to continue the development and commercialization of CryptoSecure and its products, as well as the optimization of the CryptoSecure economy interests. This provides for ready interaction wherever required with any other entities, private, corporate, or governmental. Should Crypto Investor at any time cease to provide this service, be incapable of providing this service or resign from any aspect of its service operation, Crypto Investor shall immediately appoint an alternative party to act for CryptoSecure and/or the interests of the CryptoSecure economy.

  • Technical Development Team

    CryptoSecure product development and IT is provided through a Crypto Investor, Inc., contracted distributed team of highly experienced industry professionals comprising some 40 software engineers, programmers, blockchain developers, front and backend developers and engineers. The team has extensive industry experience and expertise in all aspects of development and programing, including within the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. The team works with CryptoSecure and its other technical specialists in the development of CryptoSecure security initiatives and integrations.

  • Jentu

    CryptoSecure data centers and servers are to be security enhanced through Jentu Technologies Inc. Should there be any breach, Jentu provides for instant immediate mitigation of ransomware, viruses, trojans, botnets and other malware. It is secure, lightning fast and stable. Jentu software addresses all 20 of the 20 SANS Critical Security Controls. This means additional airtight infrastructure security and advanced breach mitigation capabilities. Jentu offers 20x network accelleration over other competitors and can provide 10,000x increased performance and reduced latency with unlimited scalability and record breaking stability/reliability.

  • Quantus

    Quantus Technical Solutions led by Larry Cameron, our Security Specialist and Advisor has an extensive cyber security, infrastructure, IT, blockchain and hacking background. He provides CryptoSecure with product security auditing, consulting, hardening, implementation, integration, support and project management services. The extensive Quantus team experience and expertise helps CryptoSecure assure best practice IT management solutions that mitigate security risk and threats.

  • PreCharge

    CryptoSecure uses industry trusted and proven preCharge as its core Wallet and Card provisioner. Never hacked in over 10 years of operation settling multi-billion dollars in electronic transactions. PreCharge, as an industry pioneer, has used Distributed Ledgers for compliance, Proof-of-Identity and Proof-of-Authority for over a decade, as well as also provided for introduction of token transactions over the same period.

  • Key Capital Corporation – Licensor and CryptoSecure Project Development

    Scottsdale based Key Capital Corporation is an investment banking group with its main focus being on developing interests in the resources, life sciences and fintech market sectors. With regard to cyber security applications, Key Capital personnel have industry experience that includes formerly having worked on and/or led projects with industry leaders including, Electronic Data Systems, Sun Microsystems, and the Aerospace Corporation. CryptoSecure has an exclusive license to proprietary security technologies to be developed for specific application and use in enhancing CryptoSecure products and services, and for other blockchain applications.


CryptoSecure ICO

  • Ico period :
    Up to 10 AUGUST 2018
    • ICO Round 1:
    • Ico Round 2:
    • Ico Round 3:
      1 ETH = 4875 SECURE June 15 – August 10
      US$0.25 per SECURE token August 12 forward


A CryptoSecure Token (SECURE) is a secure Ethereum ERC20 standard software accounting unit (smart contract). Ownership of SECURE tokens denotes the holder’s rights to the SECURE cryptocurrency within the CryptoSecure economy and cryptocurrency market.

SECURE tokens provide the utility for all CryptoSecure partners and users to purchase, license, and/or otherwise use the range of CryptoSecure security and related products, solutions, and/or services, particularly for participation in the CryptoSecure Platform, products, and/or services.

  • SECURE tokens are not to be considered legal tender, securities, or commodities.
  • They are specifically a utility cryptocurrency for use within the CryptoSecure economy and able to be traded on the cryptocurrency market. SECURE tokens are not redeemable for cash through CryptoSecure.
  • Although SECURE tokens may be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, CryptoSecure disclaims any and all responsibility for their negotiability.
  • SECURE tokens are a digital cryptocurrency, bearing value by themselves based on their underlying utility use, properties and/or rights only.
  • SECURE tokens, like fiat currencies, convey no voting rights, no equity interest, or any other form of entitlement in the CryptoSecure economy other than being its cryptocurrency.

Early participation SECURE pricing advantage


Thank you for the participation. We emailed you instructions for token purchase.